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Claims Services

Experience has shown that many employees will take advantage of their claim situation if someone does not manage it adequately. During the first days immediately after a claim, your Company alone is in the position to control the claim and by so doing control the resulting cost. You can help the employee get the necessary medical attention and return to work. If a claim is not handled properly at the start it invariably becomes more expensive than it otherwise would have.


  1. You should do the following before an accident occurs:

    Each supervisor from all locations should be trained in CPR and First Aid. Their certification will need to be maintained with practice and refresher courses.

    Choose a competent Doctor or efficient clinic well ahead of an accident. By law, it is your choice. Ask your insurance company for suggestions on where to go. They usually know which facilities perform well and give fair pricing.

    Ask the Doctor or facility to advise you of the results after treatment has been given. Identify modified duties in your Company as soon as possible. Bringing an employee back to work in a reduced capacity does not mean that you have to pay at their original rate. There is no reasonable minimal time you would have to give them.

    Post a notice in a prominent place, advising employees where they should go for treatment if they are injured. Instruct them to report to their supervisor after treatment. Post emergency service phone numbers near all telephones. In most cases, 911 will do the trick, but providing numbers for the nearest facilities can help as well.

  2. What to do if an accident occurs:

    Follow up with the injured employee to make sure that he or she is recovering properly.

    If first aid is not sufficient, call your local Emergency Medical Service (E.M.S.)

    If medical treatment is needed, send the injured worker to the designated facility.

    Call the medical facility and give them details of the injury. Ask the Doctor to call after treatment and be sure to let him or her know that there are provisions for modified work at your business.

    Report the claim to your insurance company in the required way immediately.

    Keep in touch with the medical facility during the time that treatment is being given. Remind them that you provide modified work if needed.

    Ask for a copy of the bill. Review it for any errors you may find. Advise your insurer if you do find an error.

    Stay in touch with the employee during the recuperation period. Let them know you care!

    The above can result in significant savings!

    But remember, with all this time away from working, wouldn't it be better to set up really safe operations and avoid injuries altogether?

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